Experience Spring in Michigan’s Paradise

After a period of time, the snow begins to melt. Earth begins to awaken with the roar of the mighty Tahquamenon River as it swells with golden colors leaving a spray at the base of the falls that nearly reaches to the top again. The winter was so quiet but just in case, the forest wasn’t aware of the onset of Spring, the river much like a lion, roars signaling the approach of Spring. The Tahquamenon Upper Falls pictured here was taken April, 2014 as near record breaking volumes of water cascaded over the 200 + feet of river bed span and down 50 feet into the swollen river below. That beautiful shade of root beer in the water’s amber color is the result of tannic acid accumulated from roots of the cedar and hemlock swamps in the surrounding forests.

International Dark Sky Week
April 13-19


The Mighty Tahquamenon River in Spring

Tahquamenon Upper Falls in Spring

Spring is a time of renewal. Large and small creatures that rested through the winter awaken to a new season. Located near Whitefish Point, Paradise becomes a mecca for Birders in the Spring as well as the Fall. People from across the country gather to learn more about the migrant birds of North America. Whitefish Point is an area where one of the largest migrations of birds in the continent takes place twice a year. Birds will stop in this protected area to rest before continuing their journey north across the vast Lake Superior. Birders armed with telescopes and strong lenses spy varieties and note the changes from year to year.

Spring Fling
April 24 – April 26

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